Decora Smart®
Voice Dimmer

Hands-free lighting control with Amazon Alexa Built-in, and so much more.

What Can Your Dimmer Do?

All in one unit, there is nothing else to buy! ​With Alexa Built-in, declutter your smart home with hands-free lighting control – no additional Echo, hub or smart speaker needed.

Use your Voice to:

  • Dim and brighten your lights
  • Control smart home devices 
  • Listen to the news, get the weather, or ask for a traffic update
  • Play your favorite music 
  • Ask questions, make announcements, and much more!


Explore Voice Dimmer
Hands-free lighting for today's world.

With Alexa built-in you can ask your new Alexa light switch to dim and brighten lights, listen to the news, play music, get the weather, control smart home devices, and more. Your smart dimmer switch has been reimagined with major enhancements. There's no hub or smart speaker required, everything is built-in to the dimmer switch including speakers and microphones. Simply ask your dimmer switch!

Amazon Alexa Built-in.

Nothing else needed.

Full range dimming of your lights.

With 3-way compatibility to control lights from multiple locations.

Designed, Engineered and Supported in the USA.

By Leviton.

No Hub Required!

Uses Wi-Fi.

The Power of Your Voice

The Decora Smart Voice Dimmer with Amazon Alexa Built-in
builds the convenience of voice control right into your home
to make daily life simpler and easier.
What type of smart switch should you purchase?

You have choices when creating your smart home, and Leviton will be there to provide the lighting, fan, and smart outlet controls. You might choose a Bluetooth light switch to act as a scheduled timer at the front door for front porch lights. The Wi-Fi dimmer switch can be connected to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, plus Wi-Fi controllable light switches can be app-controlled from anywhere. Z-Wave Dimmer switches pair with a hub to let you brighten and dim your lights. Choose a Leviton smart home dimmer switch that's right for your home and lifestyle.

Start Your Day
Use your Leviton Voice Dimmer to Ask Alexa for your news, sports, and weather.
  • Alexa, What's in the news today?
Control Your Smart Home
Use your voice to run Alexa routines and control smart devices such as lights, thermostats, & locks.
  • Alexa, I'm home from work.
Dim Your Lights
3-way dimming with custom settings for fade rates, lighting levels and bulb types.
  • Alexa, Dim lights to 25%.
Bring Out Your Fun Side
Make announcements, ask questions, and listen to music on Pandora, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, and more
  • Alexa, Play music from Pandora.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I already need to own an Echo or a hub?

No – this smart dimmer has Alexa Built-in, and no hub is required for scheduling or remote control.

Does this work with other services besides Amazon Alexa?

Yes, you can integrate with IFTTT. You can also use a Google voice assistant (Hub, Home, etc) to control your voice dimmer. For instance, your voice dimmer may be in the kitchen but your Google voice product in the bedroom can control it.

Can I do 3-way or Multi-Location lighting control?

Yes, use either DD00R for dimming or DD0SR for switching when paired with a DWVAA.

What kind of lights can I dim from 0-100%?
Dimmable LED/CFL/Incandescent bulbs up to 300W. Works with low wattage LED bulbs – “Off means off”. Requires neutral wire.
Since Alexa is inside, can I use Alexa to do more than control the connected light?

Yes, simply replace your existing switch or dimmer and use the guided setup via the My Leviton app.

Close up of Smart Device, with My Leviton 3.0 app screen in use.

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